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Akunin o Nakaseru Houhou

Akunin o Nakaseru Houhou
Alternative Names: Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou, Ways to Make a Bad Guy Cry, Ways to Make a Villain Cry, 悪人を泣かせる方法, 逼哭惡人的方法
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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Yaoi
Followers: 239
Author(s): Amagakure Gido
Artist(s): Amagakure Gido
Year: 2011
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Next: Akunin o Nakaseru Houhou 6
Description: Kayano is a rich guy, who fell in love with a guy -Takao- he found injured. He pitied the guy and decided to ask him to give him tuition. That's when he realize that Takao has a terrible personality. Even so, he still had Takao as his teacher. Later, a misunderstanding happened and Kayano's mother thinks Takao is only after the money and made Takao leaves. Years later, Takao returns to the household again but as a lawyer who was hired by Kayano's parents over some stupid broken tea ware. Kayano tried to hit on Takao but was rejected because Takao has a wife now.

Akunin o Nakaseru Houhou Chapters

Volume Chapter Title Scanlator Read
1 5.6 Epilogue (end) 9 months ago
1 5.5 Read Online
1 5 Night Parade - 2
1 4 Night Parade - 1
1 3.5 Interval
1 3 Ways to Make a Bad Guy Cry - 3
Ichinko Scans
1 2 Ways to Make a Bad Guy Cry - 2
Ichinko Scans
1 1 Ways to Make a Bad Guy Cry - 1
Ichinko Scans
1 0 Prologue

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