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Angelic Runes

Angelic Runes
Alternative Names: Ác Ma Và Thiên Sứ, エンジェリック・ルーン, 天使的符文, 天使的符文II
Related Series: N/A
Genres: Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Josei
Followers: 37
Author(s): Tateno Makoto
Artist(s): Tateno Makoto
Year: 2007
Status: 3 Volumes (Complete)
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Description: A traveler in search of his father chances upon a pair of twins about to be buried by their village. The villagers claim the two are cursed but he rescues them. He soon finds out what makes the villagers fear them: the siblings can hear the devils and angels speak. But he has his own secrets as well...

Angelic Runes Chapters

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