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Bloody Junkie

Bloody Junkie
Alternative Names: ブラッディジャンキー, 嗜血的厮杀者
Related Series: N/A
Followers: 352
Author(s): Hasumi Natsume
Artist(s): Hasumi Natsume
Year: 2011
Status: 2 Volumes (Discontinued)
Next: Bloody Junkie 10
Description: When Shouta finally finds a clue to his missing brother’s disappearance, he mysteriously wakes up in a room he’s never seen before. The events of this room are broadcast online, and the only link with the outside is voice chat with the viewers of the broadcast.In the midst of this extreme environment, a battle royale style murder game begins!

Bloody Junkie Chapters

Volume Chapter Title Scanlator Read
x 9.5 Extra 1 year ago
x 9 You're the Culprit, Aren't You, Natsumi Hirose-san?
x 8 This Wonderful World
x 7.5 Extra
x 7 Contamination
x 6 Rules
x 5 The Crowd of Rabbits
x 4 The Forest of Memories
x 3 Frightened Animal
x 2 The Game Begins
x 1 Freak Show Cage

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