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Boku no Robot

Boku no Robot
Alternative Names: ลุ้นรักสาวโรบอท (Thai), 僕のロボット, 我的机器女孩
Related Series: N/A
Followers: 145
Author(s): Hazuki Megumi
Artist(s): Hazuki Megumi
Year: 2012
Status: 2 Volumes (Complete)
Next: Boku no Robot 9
Description: "I just want to serve him, like a robot would a master."For some reason Rai kun has deigned Yuma his robot as children. A title Yuma takes far too seriously, especially now that Rai kun's intentions may be shifting a little. As an orphan living in his house, Yuma only knows how to care for Rai kun's every need. She has no space for her own feelings and emotions! Except those of gratitude and... something uneasy which makes her heart beat really fast!

Boku no Robot Chapters

Volume Chapter Title Scanlator Read
2 8 Rai-kun's Lover [End] 9 months ago
2 7 Love and Dependence
2 6 The Journey towards Perfection
2 5 Rival Appears!?
1 4 Master's Worries
1 3 Read Online
1 2 Boku no Robot 2
1 1 Boku no Robot 1

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