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Boy Meets Boy (MURASAME Maru)

Boy Meets Boy (MURASAME Maru)
Alternative Names: N/A
Related Series: N/A
Followers: 3
Author(s): Murasame Maru
Artist(s): Murasame Maru
Year: 2011
Status: N/A
Next: Boy Meets Boy (MURASAME Maru) 1
Description: Another chapter in the ongoing saga of Henri’s life. In this chapter, he falls in love with another boy, and does his best to get together with him…but fails. A third chapter has been released, but that’s not the ending either. Anyway, this chapter is full of hot trap yaoi sex and futa on male, so fap away."Original" doujinshi by the circle "Domestic animals".

Boy Meets Boy (MURASAME Maru) Chapters

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