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Dou Danjo!?

Dou Danjo!?
Alternative Names: Dou Nani yo!?, Dou Nannyo!?, Doudanjo!?, Mushibana, Tomodachi Sando, どう男女!?, 男女错调
Related Series: N/A
Followers: 387
Author(s): Hagi Warako
Artist(s): Hagi Warako
Year: 2007
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Next: Dou Danjo!? 6
Description: One morning, Satomi wakes up late for school. As she starts running to school, she crashes into Keshi. After staring at each other, they realize that they have switched bodies! Now Keshi is in Satomi's body and Satomi is in Keshi's body. They decide to live their lives in each others' bodies until they can fix their problem. But things start to get complicated when Mariko, Satomi's best friend, tells Keshi, who is in Satomi's body, that she likes Naoshige, Keshi's best friend. Since Keshi likes Mariko, he has no idea what to do about the situation.Includes other stories:• Tomodachi Sando• MushibanaAfter graduating from middle school, Hirai Yuka hopes to gain many new friends and a handsome boyfriend in high school. But, right before entering high school, she manages to get a major toothache which completely ruins her class introduction. This, in turn, destroys any chance of her obtaining new friends and a boyfriend.Forced to go to the dentist and feeling like her life couldn't get any worse, she meets a bishounen, Yuuki Yuuta, at the dental clinic. Suddenly, Yuka's life starts to look better!- Intercross• Dou Waranyo?!

Dou Danjo!? Chapters

Volume Chapter Title Scanlator Read
1 5 Mushibana 5 years ago
1 3 Dou Danjo!? 3
1 2 Dou Danjo!? 2
1 1 Dou Danjo!? 1

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