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Fate/Apocrypha (Novel)

Fate/Apocrypha (Novel)
Alternative Names: Fate/Apocrypha: Unbirth, Feito/Apokurifa, フェイト/アポクリファ
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Followers: 84
Artist(s): Konoe Ototsugu
Year: 2012
Status: 5 Volumes (Complete)
Next: Fate/Apocrypha (Novel) 1
Description: Fate/Apocrypha is a story based around a Holy Grail War separate from that of the five Fuyuki Wars.The original chapter 1 "Unbirth" focuses on Jack the Ripper. Though elements from this chapter exists in the official story, this chapter is not related to the official plot of the story.

Fate/Apocrypha (Novel) Chapters

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