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Gakuen Densetsu: Hasami Onna Manga

Gakuen Densetsu: Hasami Onna
Alternative Names: Gakuen Densetsu: Hasamionna, 学園伝説 ハサミ女
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Author(s): Umeno Hana
Artist(s): Umeno Hana
Year: 2012
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
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Description: From MangaHelpers:A collection of horror stories:1) Tonari no Yomi-san: There's an urban legend about a girl ("Yomi-san") who hated her appearance and killed herself, and whose father stuffed her corpse. Supposedly, her taxidermied corpse attacks beautiful girls to steal their body parts. When pretty girls are injured at school, some people blame a jealous pretty student, but could it really be Yomi-san?2) Kurayami Chi-chan: When Tomohiro was little, he and his friend Naoya used to hang out with a strange girl they called Chi-chan. They never new her name, where she lived, or even saw her face (it was obscured with hair). Now, when he meets her again as a teenager, he realizes that she is more than strange...3) Tomodachi: Lonely Shiori buys some weird little creatures as pets. As she cares for them, they grow into something very strange...4) Hasami Onna: Three children decide to go into the "Scissors Woman's" house, which is supposedly haunted. They all go in for different reasons, but they are not prepared for what they'll find inside. [tethysdust]

Gakuen Densetsu: Hasami Onna Manga Chapters

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