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Hanaori Soushi

Hanaori Soushi
Alternative Names: Flower Cage Book, Flower Cage Notebook, Hana Kagami Soushi, Hana Kagami Zoushi, Hana Ori Soushi, Hanakagami Soushi, Hanakagami Zoushi, Kaori Soushi, Kaori Zoushi, Kaori-Zoushi, 花檻草子
Related Series: N/A
Followers: 54
Author(s): Choujin
Artist(s): Choujin
Year: 2011
Status: 3 Volumes (Complete)
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Description: Having lost their parents at a young age, Chiharu and her brother find strength in each other. The past behind, the two live their lives in peace. However, the appearance of a new transfer student named Hisaya will put an end to these tranquil days. What does he want, and why does it involve Chiharu? A complex tale involving magic, reincarnation, betrayal, and maybe...love?(Did I mention the cute guys?)

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