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Hanasaku Koi no Yoru Ake

Hanasaku Koi no Yoru Ake
Alternative Names: Hana Saku Koi no Yoru Ake, Midnight Bloom, 花サク恋ノ夜アケ
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Genres: Romance , School Life , Yaoi
Followers: 34
Author(s): Fukiyama Rico
Artist(s): Fukiyama Rico
Year: 2007
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
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Description: This is a collection of one shots!Everybody knows Tatsuki - is a starperformer at Academy of Performing Arts School. When he is on stage, he is very expressive and full of energy but off the stage is the complete opposite - shy and introvert, especially when it comes to his relationships. He had a crush on someone back then but it ended up being a crash-and-burn. But that's all that's in the past now. Several years later, he meets someone new and this someone changes his life and his personality. Would Tatsuki gets his happy ending this time?

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