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Hanayome to Yobareru Hi

Hanayome to Yobareru Hi
Alternative Names: The Italian's Stolen Bride, 花嫁と呼ばれる日
Related Series: N/A
Genres: Josei , Romance
Followers: 12
Author(s): Emma Darcy
Artist(s): Akino Nanami
Year: 2008
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
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Description: [Taken from FictionDB:]Marriage -- for possession...or passion?Luciano Peretti may still be the handsome and hot-blooded man she fell for six years ago, but now Skye wants nothing to do with him! She can't forget Luc's rejection of her then, or how she refused his wicked family when they tried to bribe her to end her pregnancy. Since then, she's raised her son single-handedly -- poverty-stricken but proud.But Luc is determined to take back the bride and the child who were stolen from him -- and there's one quick and effective way to do it: marriage!

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