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How to Get a Guy Sorted by Blood Type

How to Get a Guy Sorted by Blood Type
Alternative Names: February 14th Special Edition: HOW TO GET A GUY ~sorted by blood type~, バレンタインデート 血液型別 男子攻略法
Related Series: N/A
Followers: 128
Year: 2009
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
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Description: A collection of oneshots on how to get a guy with a certain blood type! ♥1) Blood Type ASawaruna Kiken! by KayoruMegumi-kun is a hygiene freak, but it doesn’t stop Naho from admiring him. She even volunteered herself to help Megumi-kun overcome his flaw since he has to meet his future fiancee within two weeks time. Will everything be okay for the two of them?! - From Midnight Scans(Also included in Kare wa, Ano Ko no Mono2) Blood Type ABKare no Iinari by MAMURA MioRika is known to be a cheerful girl, but is that her real self? 3) Blood Type OXXX - My Little Honey by YAGAMI RinaRiko first met Joseph on a photo shoot when she was eight and fell in love with him. Seven years have passed but he doesn't see her as anything more than a little sister, much to Riko's annoyance. Can she get the older Joseph to see her as a woman?(Also included in Koutei Gentei)4) Blood Type BLife+B by ICHIKAWA ShouSonoda Mio has always been such a tomboy at school but when at home, she works in her family's flower shop. Her family's VERY GIRLY flower shop. Mio doesn't want anyone at school to see her all girly, so when someone walks in, wearing the school uniform, she goes and hunts him down the next day. But when she tells him not to tell anyone, he....!!?! - From Intercross(Also included in Koakuma Lion)5) Special StoryMitsu Aji Blood by MITSUKI Miko

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