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Ishakoi - Isha no Koi Wazurai

Ishakoi - Isha no Koi Wazurai
Alternative Names: Ishakoi, Love Doc. --Doctors' Love Sickness--, イシャコイ ─医者の恋わずらい─, 白袍之恋-医生的爱情杂症, 白袍之戀~醫生的愛情雜症~
Genres: Josei , Romance , Smut
Followers: 22
Author(s): Hayashi Kumiko
Artist(s): Hayashi Kumiko
Year: 2009
Status: 6 Volumes 2011 (Complete), 4 Volumes 2013 (Complete)
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Description: When they were children Anegawa Kanade and Seimiya Ibuki always played make believe as doctors. 25 years later, when both have become actual doctors and they meet again it turns out that Ibuki is a genius surgeon! However, what by day are the “hands of god” by night become the “hands of a demon” and sexually harasses Kanade?! Is this what they call an “expression of love”?! Kanade, who aims to be a splendid doctor, is everyday receiving a lot of “training” from Seimiya-sensei!

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