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Kanojo no Suteki na Henshin

Kanojo no Suteki na Henshin
Alternative Names: Mom in Waiting, 彼女のすてきな変身
Related Series: N/A
Genres: Josei , Romance
Followers: 14
Author(s): Maureen Child
Artist(s): Youna
Year: 2005
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
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Description: Her stand-in fiance?When Tracy Hall vowed to be the belle of her high school reunion, she thought all she'd need was a glamorous new look, a diamond ring on her finger and a fiance - conveniently left behind, of course. Simple, right? Wrong!Once she met up with high school heartthrob Rick Bennet, her simple plan went awry. For after an unexpected night of passion with the gorgeous marine captain, Tracy suddenly found herself inconveniently pregnant. Now Rick no longer wanted to be her pretend fiance... but her husband of convenience. But what Rick was willing to do for duty, Tracy could only do for love...[Taken from FictionDB]

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