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Kawaii Gatte

Kawaii Gatte
Alternative Names: Kawaigatte Kudasai, かわいがって下さい, 对我再好一点
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Followers: 93
Author(s): Hoshino Lily
Artist(s): Hoshino Lily
Year: 2003
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Next: Kawaii Gatte 6
Description: A "Cat" is engineered by humans, they have cats ears but otherwise appear to be human. They can only love their owners, and if their owners don't make love to them they will die. 1) Please Love MeEmiya has always had on/off relationship with women, but when his sister sends him a Cat as a gift, will he realize that Rei might just be the partner that he has always been looking for?2) Please Love Me MoreContinuation of chapter 1, Emiya has invited his sister over to his house, and all of the sudden Rei bites Emiya's hand, why is he upset?3) Sango the Black CatEtsushi has won a prize in a store and it turns out be the Sango the Black Cat. Since there are so many interesting colored cats the Black Cats are not very popular. Will Etsushi learn to love Sango?4) Wishing I Could Love YouMikito's sister has gotten herself a Cat called Rokurou. But since Mikito is so concerned about her buying him, so she decides to give Rokurou to Mikito. Mikito is scared to sleep with another man, how will Rokurou win over Mikito's heart?5) Wishing You Could Love MeIchii is a very stubborn Cat, and even though he has never seen the face of his Doctor, he is in love with him. A Cat should not be able to fall in love unless they look into the eyes of their master. Ichii gets lucky and his blindfold falls off and Ezaki becomes his owner. What will become of these two?6) The Prince of the Southern Island (not scanlated)7) The King of the Southern Island (not scanlated)ExtraRokurou is about to be sent to his new master... you will get to see a quick glimpse into the life at the dormitory for cats...

Kawaii Gatte Chapters

Volume Chapter Title Scanlator Read
1 5 Wishing You Could Love Me (continuation of chapter 4) 6 years ago
1 4 Wishing I Could Love You
1 3 Sango the Black Cat
1 2 Please Love Me More
1 1 Kawaii Gatte: Please Love Me

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