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Kiss wa Yami ni Magirete

Kiss wa Yami ni Magirete
Alternative Names: Bedded for Pleasure, Purchased for Pregnancy, Kisu wa Yami ni Magirete, キスは闇に紛れて
Related Series: N/A
Genres: Josei , Romance
Followers: 4
Author(s): Carol Marinelli
Artist(s): Natsuki Mio
Year: 2011
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
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Description: from amazon:Bought for a million dollars…When Zarios D’Amilo meets Emma Hayes again, she is no longer the clumsy teenager who tried to kiss him, but a beautiful, confident woman. Now he wants her! Claimed for convenience… To claim his inheritance, this Italian playboy must curb his wild ways. He needs a convenient fiancée, and Emma needs a million dollars. So Zarios seizes his opportunity – he will have her!But passion soon leads to pregnancy. Suddenly, the stakes are higher…

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