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Koisuru Purin! Manga

Koisuru Purin!
Alternative Names: Pudding in Love, Purin in Love, 恋するプリン!, 戀愛布甸
Related Series: N/A
Genres: Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Shoujo
Followers: 9
Author(s): Shinozuka Hiromu
Year: 2006
Status: 5 Volumes (Complete)
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Description: My name is Rina Uchida, a thirteen-year-old girl. As my parents live overseas due to my father's transfer, I stay with our distant relative Yoshikawa family. In the family are twin brothers, Naoya and Yuya. Naoya is unfriendly but Yuya who is my type is very nice. However, there is weird creature Bucket Purin in the family...!?

Koisuru Purin! Manga Chapters

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