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Lady Love

Lady Love
Alternative Names: N/A
Genres: Romance , Shoujo , Sports
Followers: 4
Author(s): Ono Hiromu
Artist(s): Ono Hiromu
Year: 1981
Status: 8 Volumes (Complete), 4 Volumes (Bunkoban)
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Description: From Shoujo Manga Outline:Michelle is passionate about ballet but belongs to a poor family that can not afford the Academy of Dance. However, a prima ballerina who takes a liking to Michelle decides to help: Oriella Siorella. Michelle sees her benefactress as an idol and aspires to be like her but is shocked when Siorella falls from grace when a new dancer arrives, named Olivia Ann. The series narrate Michelle's pursuit in her passion, dance, and the entertainment world in Italy.

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