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Makeru na Baby

Makeru na Baby
Alternative Names: Makeruna Baby, 負けるなbaby, 負けるなbaby☆
Related Series: N/A
Genres: Comedy , Romance , Yaoi
Followers: 72
Author(s): Amano Moe
Artist(s): Amano Moe
Year: 2003
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Next: Makeru na Baby 6
Description: Series of oneshots:3) Let's Embrace the Moon and Walk4) My Master is a Love Maniac5) You're My Treasure

Makeru na Baby Chapters

Volume Chapter Title Scanlator Read
1 5 You're My Treasure 5 years ago
Atlantisdream [IRC]
1 4 My Master Is a Love Maniac
Atlantisdream [IRC]
1 3 Let's Embrace the Moon and Walk
Atlantisdream [IRC]

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