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Otouto no Hanayome

Otouto no Hanayome
Alternative Names: Forbidden Fruit (ITOU Mon), 弟の花嫁
Related Series: N/A
Genres: Josei , Romance
Followers: 4
Author(s): Charlotte Lamb
Artist(s): Itou Mon
Year: 2005
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
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Description: from fictiondb:TEMPTATION! Giles Kent sorely lacked the charm of his younger brother, but he had strength and unshakable purpose. He wanted Leonie -- and the child within her. Her fiance, Gile's brother, was dead. Leonie didn't want his family's help. But money and power were mighty weapons. And Giles had plenty of both. It was crazy to marry a man who felt nothing, but animosity for her. Yet something so devastatingly male about him made her painfully conscious of her own desires. Living in the same house with Giles would be like living on the edge of a volcano...

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