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Pink no Omocha

Pink no Omocha
Alternative Names: Asa Ecchi, Asa Ecchi: Tie Me Up with Your Love!, Miruku, Morning Sex, Pinku no Omocha, ピンクのおもちゃ
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Genres: Smut , Yaoi
Followers: 123
Author(s): Watanabe Asia
Artist(s): Watanabe Asia
Year: 2011
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Next: Pink no Omocha 1
Description: 1. Asa Ecchi (Morning Sex)2. Ousama to Diamond (King and Diamond)3. Milk Shake4. Ousama to Pink no Himo-pon5. Ousama no Oshioki Pink Switch6. MilkYuu has a breast fetish when it comes to Shiro, but Shiro only thinks of him as a little brother. Will love prevail?

Pink no Omocha Chapters

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