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Alternative Names: レイプ
Related Series:
Genres: Adult , Seinen , Tragedy
Followers: 61
Author(s): Sakabe Shuuichi
Artist(s): Sakabe Shuuichi
Year: 2004
Status: 3 Volumes (Complete)
Next: Rape 1
Description: From MangaHelpers:Uchida Kaede is a young woman who has left her remote countryside village and migrated into Tokyo to find a job and make a living. The huge, crowded, urban environment is alien to her and she finds it terrifying. During a search for suitable accommodation Kaede meets and befriends a kind, seemingly normal, local estate agent. Little does she know that this man hides a dark and sinister secret. This fateful encounter sets off a sequence of stalking events, which gives Kaede something to be really terrified about. [Kikuna992]

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