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Renai Paradox

Renai Paradox
Alternative Names: Love Paradox, Ren'ai Paradox, 恋愛Paradox, 戀愛Paradox
Related Series: N/A
Genres: Yaoi
Followers: 138
Author(s): Tennouji Mio
Artist(s): Tennouji Mio
Year: 2012
Status: 3 Volumes (Ongoing)
Next: Renai Paradox 1
Description: Collection of two works:• Renai ParadoxMasaki Yotsuya has finally accomplished his goal of being the assistant of the famous designer Yasuyo Kanda! But what he doesn't know is that Kanda-san is also an infamous womanizer who's managed to bed every female assistant he’s ever gotten within no more than an hour! And he also refuses to acknowledge Yotsuha as his assistant! But Yotsuya refuses to give up without a fight!• Egaki Oroshi Manga

Renai Paradox Chapters

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