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Round Shell

Round Shell
Alternative Names: Papa no Cake, Round Shell Second
Related Series: N/A
Genres: Adult , Lolicon , School Life , Yuri
Followers: 55
Author(s): Wanyan Aguda
Artist(s): Wanyan Aguda
Year: 2004
Status: 2 Volumes (Complete)
Next: Round Shell 1
Description: Volume 1:1-2. Mayu And Chisato 3. Mayu4. Two-For-One5. Smile Time6. Eternal Twins Attack7. Class President's Reward8. Hot SecretVolume 2:1. Papa no Cake2-3. Iinchou no Himitsu4. Tokkun! Progressive 3-3-7 Hyoushi5. Mune ni Himete6. Jishuu wa Okujou7. 119 or 1108. Kiiro Majutsu Oriental Girl9. Iinchou ga Dairi

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