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Sakura Ganbaru!

Sakura Ganbaru!
Alternative Names: Street Fighter Sakura Ganbaru!, さくらがんばる!
Followers: 43
Author(s): Nakahira Masahiko
Artist(s): Nakahira Masahiko
Year: 1997
Status: 2 Volumes (Complete), 1 Volume (Bunko)
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Description: High school girl Sakura just can not avoid landing in battles with other street fighters! Through the fighting challenges she has faced, see how Sakura established herself as one of the most valuable players in the Street Fighter universe! Beautifully illustrated by popular manga artist Masahiko Kanzaki, this series also features the introduction of the popular Street Fighter Alpha characters Karin, Sakura's archrival!Note: It seems that Nakahira released an extra chapter of this manga in the doujin "Sakura Ganbaru! Saishuushou - Sotsugyou" and a special chapter in the Anthology "Ultrajump Megamix Vol. I" which focuses on a match between Sakura and Kyo.

Sakura Ganbaru! Chapters

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