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Shikkoku no Noiezere

Shikkoku no Noiezere
Alternative Names: Shikkoku no Neue Seele, Shikkoku no Noiezeere, 漆黒のノイエゼーレ
Related Series: N/A
Followers: 29
Author(s): Yoshida Hebisaku
Artist(s): Yoshida Hebisaku
Year: 2010
Status: 2 Volumes (Complete)
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Description: A mysterious meteor-like glowing object suddenly falls from the sky, killing one of the Fuwa brothers, Ryunosuke. His sibling, Kotaro, finds his brother’s scattered remains but also finds that his brother has reincarnated into a sexy female character from a manga. Weirdly enough, the same glowing object that killed Ryunosuke was falling all over Japan. People later called it Dream Showers but no one would have guessed that it was just the beginning of a chaotic era.

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