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Shirokuma Café

Shirokuma Café
Alternative Names: Shirokuma Cafe, Shirokuma Cafe - Ichigo Aji!, Shirokuma Cafe - Kurumi Aji!, Shirokuma Cafe - Manjo Aji!, Shirokuma Cafe - Melon Aji!, Tiệm Cafe Gấu Trắng, しろくまカフェ, しろくまカフェ いちご味!, しろくまカフェ くるみ味!, しろくまカフェ マンゴー味!, しろくまカフェ メロン味!, 白熊咖啡厅
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Followers: 18
Author(s): Higa Aroha
Artist(s): Higa Aroha
Year: 2006
Status: 5 Volumes (Ongoing)
Next: Shirokuma Café 1
Description: In the Shirokuma Cafe series:V.1 - Shirokuma CafeV.2 - Ichigo Aji!V.3 - Mango Aji!V.4 - Melon Aji!V.5 - Kurumi Aji!

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