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Tadaima Shinryakuchuu!

Tadaima Shinryakuchuu!
Alternative Names: Tadaima Shinryakuchu!, ただいましんりゃくちゅう!, ただいま侵略中!, 现今侵略中
Related Series: N/A
Genres: Comedy , Ecchi , Harem , Romance , Sci-fi , Seinen
Followers: 33
Author(s): Uona Terepin
Artist(s): Uona Terepin
Year: 2010
Status: 2 Volume (Ongoing?)
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Description: Humanity went into shock when they first learned of the existence of aliens and there were even rumors of an invasion; however, because their bodies look almost identical to humans as well as the fact that they lack hostility, this allowed humanity to get used to their presence and eventually accept them as part of their daily lives.Chigusa Tomoki is a high-school freshman who lives alone in an apartment because his parents are working overseas. However, the real estate agent accidentally double booked the apartment and Tomoki ends up sharing the room with a gorgeous female alien, Yuuri Myua. Myua, comfortable with her body, loves being naked, which bothers and excites Tomoki at the same time. Myua is here for a secret mission regarding Tomoki as his DNA is an extremely rare strand, which gives him the ability to mate with any species of aliens. If that wasn’t enough, his offspring would have incredibly high abilities.Tomoki has to deal with a more than eager roommate and aliens after his DNA. As if living alone as a teenager wasn't hard enough!

Tadaima Shinryakuchuu! Chapters

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