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  1. Kirepapa. vol.3 ch.1 (20h 9m ago) hot!
  2. Vinland Saga vol.16 ch.116 (9 minutes ago) hot!
  3. Demon King vol.40 ch.297 (5h 53m ago) hot!
  4. Demon King vol.40 ch.298 (5h 54m ago) hot!
  5. Saigo no Seifuku vol.1 ch.11 (1h 39m ago)
  6. Fairy Tail vol.TBD ch.437 (4h 53m ago) hot!
  7. Bakuon Rettou vol.2 ch.14 (21h 54m ago)
  8. Lega no 13 vol.2 ch.7 (5h 8m ago)
  9. Tonari no Nanige-san vol.3 ch.13 (4h 9m ago)
  10. Kyoukai no Rinne vol.21 ch.203 (9 minutes ago) hot!
  11. Trash. vol.3 ch.18 (21h 52m ago)
  12. Babylonia no Shishi vol.2 ch.5 (15h 39m ago)
  13. Tower of God vol.2 ch.152 (21h 23m ago) hot!
  14. Cheese in the Trap vol.2 ch.50 (22h 23m ago) hot!
  15. Wake Up Deadman vol.3 ch.74 (2h 6m ago) hot!
  16. Bakuon!! vol.2 ch.14 (3h 23m ago)
  17. Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken - Jojorion vol.TBD ch.43 (4h 23m ago)
  18. Gokukoku no Brynhildr vol.x ch.144 (7h 47m ago) hot!
  19. Ino-Head Gargoyle vol.5 ch.33 (22h 24m ago)
  20. Feng Shen Ji vol.3 ch.157 (19h 35m ago) hot!
  21. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou vol.7 ch.32 (19h 38m ago) hot!
  22. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou vol.7 ch.33 (19h 38m ago) hot!
  23. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou vol.7 ch.34 (19h 38m ago) hot!
  24. Soul Cartel vol.1 ch.176 (7h 54m ago) hot!
  25. Itoshii, Hito vol.1 ch.1 (21h 24m ago)
  26. Itoshii, Hito vol.1 ch.2 (21h 24m ago)
  27. A Bittersweet Life vol.x ch.69 (22h 9m ago)
  28. A Bittersweet Life vol.x ch.70 (22h 9m ago)
  29. xxxHoLic Rei vol.x ch.39 (6h 39m ago) hot!
  30. World Trigger vol.TBD ch.103 (8h 9m ago) hot!
  31. Shoujo Kesshou Kokoro Jikaru vol.1 ch.1 (1h 24m ago)
  32. Kantai Collection - Kankore - 4-koma Comic - Fubuki, Ganbarimasu! vol.x ch.82 (1h 54m ago)
  33. Kantai Collection - Kankore - 4-koma Comic - Fubuki, Ganbarimasu! vol.x ch.83 (1h 54m ago)
  34. Stretch vol.x ch.36.1 (20h 7m ago)
  35. Wizard's Soul - Koi no Seisen vol.1 ch.1 (19h 39m ago)
  36. Wizard's Soul - Koi no Seisen vol.1 ch.2 (19h 39m ago)
  37. Sekitsui House vol.1 ch.1 (1h 39m ago)
  38. Steins;Gate - Eigoukaiki no Pandora vol.1 ch.10 (18h 51m ago)
  39. K - The First vol.x ch.16 (5h 8m ago)
  40. Green Worldz vol.x ch.75 (21h 39m ago) hot!
  41. Sekisei Inko vol.1 ch.2 (8h 9m ago)
  42. Shiroi Majo vol.1 ch.5 (20h 54m ago)
  43. Shiroi Majo vol.1 ch.6 (20h 54m ago)
  44. Shards of Sin vol.x ch.29 (20h 7m ago)
  45. Shards of Sin vol.x ch.30 (20h 7m ago)
  46. Youkai Shoujo - Monsuga vol.x ch.35 (21h 38m ago) hot!
  47. Usotsuki Ouji to Nisemono Kanojo vol.4 ch.14 (19h 54m ago)
  48. Love Death. vol.1 ch.5 (5h 24m ago)
  49. Kono Shima ni wa Midara de Jaaku na Mono ga Sumu vol.x ch.13 (4h 9m ago) hot!
  50. Bulgeun Sil vol.x ch.19 (21h 9m ago)
  51. Futaribeya vol.1 ch.1 (1h 54m ago)
  52. Midnight Rhapsody vol.x ch.84 (4h 54m ago)
  53. Bluechair vol.x ch.96.5 (20h 24m ago)
  54. Tsubasa - World Chronicle - Niraikanai Hen vol.x ch.9 (4h 22m ago)
  55. Dolly Kill Kill vol.x ch.38 (20h 23m ago)
  56. Yugawara-kun wa Ooyamada Danshi Koukou de Moteru Houhou o Kangaeteita ga vol.x ch.41 (21h 23m ago)
  57. Rakuen no Ori vol.1 ch.1 (20h 23m ago)
  58. Itsuka no Seishun vol.1 ch.1 (20h 23m ago)
  59. Jingle Jungle vol.x ch.77 (22h 8m ago)
  60. Kids Are All Right vol.x ch.38 (22h 23m ago)
  61. Ugly Duckling vol.x ch.6 (2h 24m ago)
  62. Oishii Kamishama vol.x ch.24 (21h 39m ago)
  63. Boku-tachi no Ikita Riyuu vol.x ch.21 (4h 39m ago)
  64. Kyousei Harem Keiyaku vol.TBD ch.30 (19h 54m ago)
  65. Hana to Alice - Satsujin Jiken vol.x ch.6 (21h 38m ago)
  66. Full Dozer vol.x ch.3 (1h 39m ago)
  67. Shin Chimoguri Ringo to Kingyobachi Otoko vol.x ch.2.2 (5h 9m ago)
  68. 19 Tian vol.x ch.109 (21h 24m ago)
  69. Guardians of the Video Game vol.x ch.24 (4h 54m ago)
  70. Aura from Another Planet vol.x ch.40 (4h 53m ago)
  71. Looking for Clotho vol.1 ch.2.1 (3h 9m ago)
  72. Seesaw Game (Hideyoshico) vol.x ch.2 (7h 9m ago)
  73. Shiguizue vol.x ch.11 (20h 24m ago)
  74. Lan Chi vol.x ch.20.1 (20h 54m ago)
  75. Classi9 vol.1 ch.9 (8h 9m ago)
  76. Anye Fei Ying - Xin Zhi Shang vol.x ch.7 (3h 39m ago)
  77. Seshiji o Pin! to - Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso vol.1 ch.1 (3h 23m ago)
  78. Ppalgan Chaek vol.x ch.5 (4h 53m ago)
  79. Kantai Collection dj - Sister Ship Skinship vol.x ch.1 (4h 24m ago)
  80. Karakuri Circus vol.18 ch.173 (14h 47m ago)
  81. Skip Beat! vol.37 ch.224 (18h 51m ago) hot!
  82. Kakan no Madonna vol.7 ch.38 (15h 2m ago)
  83. Dragon Ball vol.29 ch.355 (19h 21m ago) hot!
  84. Daiya no A vol.45 ch.399 (19h 22m ago) hot!
  85. Daiya no A vol.45 ch.400 (19h 22m ago) hot!
  86. Daiya no A vol.45 ch.401 (19h 22m ago) hot!
  87. Daiya no A vol.8 ch.271 (19h 21m ago) hot!
  88. Gamble Fish vol.16 ch.136 (19h 20m ago) hot!
  89. Chihaya Furu vol.28 ch.146 (2h 54m ago) hot!
  90. Vento Aureo vol.x ch.475 (19h 21m ago)
  91. Niberunku no Yubiwa vol.x ch.3 (19h 14m ago)
  92. Little Monk vol.6 ch.74 (9h 23m ago)
  93. Taboo-Tattoo vol.7 ch.35 (9 minutes ago) hot!
  94. Yasashii Sekai no Tsukurikata vol.5 ch.24 (54 minutes ago) hot!
  95. Nisekoi vol.x ch.171 (19h 14m ago) hot!
  96. Servamp vol.x ch.6 (18h 52m ago)
  97. Servamp vol.x ch.7 (18h 52m ago)
  98. Oku-sama ga Seito Kaichou! vol.6 ch.29 (9h 24m ago) hot!
  99. Mob Psycho 100 vol.x ch.84.2 (14h 45m ago) hot!
  100. Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! vol.1 ch.12 (6h 24m ago)

Manga Shoutbox

(26/05/15 06:25:33AM)
I can't register, someone help me...., it always show "/home/gao/wwx/public_html/users/4/4496/avatar/ Destination directory can't be created. Can't carry on a process.. Did you select an avatar image to upload?", I already upload the avatar, but it still failed and show that message, sory for mah english (i change the last "w" in triple "W" to x since it always prevent me to post)
(26/05/15 03:48:56AM)
Exactly like an expired coupon, but I was actually thinking of game invites on PS3 when I said that XD. "Game invite expired" room could not be joined, error. XD
(25/05/15 10:49:19PM)
just letting u know the new mangareader is great gao i literally liked the loading picture pikachu
(25/05/15 06:37:20PM)
also it's like some guys in shoujos are either popular, douchey, players or manwhore. that is getting old and annoying.
(25/05/15 06:35:35PM)
honestly, I don't really like shoujo romances. some characters can be annoying, desperate, crybabies. it make us girls looked bad. sorry
(25/05/15 01:44:31PM)
Aria_bella, you make it sound like an expired pizza coupon.
(25/05/15 02:08:11AM)
I really hate romances where one person rejects the other than changes their minds like, Oh wait OvO I know you don't love me anymore but I suddenly want to accept your expired offer
(24/05/15 12:01:23PM)
Thank you for your recommendations, I will check it Out. Thats a dissapointment about tokyo ghoul:re
(24/05/15 11:26:52AM)
Top 5 must reads for now O^0)9 tell me about em X)
(24/05/15 11:23:48AM)
I will begin personally reccomending manga to read owo)/))
(24/05/15 09:48:55AM)
In my point of view for Tokyo ghoul it got stupid in tokyo reghoul...
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