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  1. Freezing - Zero vol.6 ch.23 (6 minutes ago) hot!
  2. Skip! Yamada-kun vol.x ch.0 (1h 21m ago)
  3. Kumo no Graduale vol.4 ch.17 (1h 36m ago)
  4. Sidonia no Kishi vol.15 ch.72 (2h 6m ago) hot!
  5. Lucid Dream vol.x ch.7 (2h 28m ago)
  6. Osananajimi wa Onnanoko ni Naare vol.1 ch.6 (2h 50m ago)
  7. Shiro Ari vol.2 ch.13 (3h 2m ago)
  8. Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A vol.1 ch.12 (3h 2m ago) hot!
  9. School Shock vol.1 ch.22.2 (3h 2m ago) hot!
  10. Stretch vol.x ch.32.5 (3h 2m ago)
  11. Bukiyou Dakedo Daisuki sa vol.1 ch.3 (3h 2m ago)
  12. Trash. vol.2 ch.10 (3h 2m ago)
  13. The Pale Horse vol.x ch.55 (3h 2m ago) hot!
  14. Haikyu!! vol.TBD ch.151 (3h 2m ago) hot!
  15. Nagisa Shokudou vol.1 ch.5 (3h 3m ago)
  16. Nagisa Shokudou vol.1 ch.6 (3h 3m ago)
  17. Nagisa Shokudou vol.1 ch.7 (3h 3m ago)
  18. Kugiko-chan vol.1 ch.5 (3h 3m ago)
  19. Tale of Eun Aran vol.x ch.56 (3h 3m ago)
  20. Obaka-chan, Koikatariki vol.4 ch.27 (3h 3m ago) hot!
  21. Arion vol.5 ch.23 (3h 3m ago)
  22. Gintama vol.59 ch.535 (3h 3m ago) hot!
  23. Full Ahead! Coco vol.10 ch.82 (3h 3m ago)
  24. Tonari no Kashiwagi-san vol.7 ch.65 (3h 3m ago) hot!
  25. Koisuru Harinezumi vol.x ch.7 (3h 3m ago)
  26. Green Smile vol.x ch.28 (3h 3m ago)
  27. Green Smile vol.x ch.29 (3h 3m ago)
  28. Green Smile vol.x ch.30 (3h 3m ago)
  29. Green Smile vol.x ch.31 (3h 3m ago)
  30. Green Smile vol.x ch.32 (3h 3m ago)
  31. Green Smile vol.x ch.33 (3h 3m ago)
  32. Wild Life vol.17 ch.145 (3h 3m ago) hot!
  33. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.0 (3h 3m ago)
  34. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.1 (3h 4m ago)
  35. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.2 (3h 4m ago)
  36. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.3 (3h 4m ago)
  37. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.4 (3h 4m ago)
  38. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.5 (3h 4m ago)
  39. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.6 (3h 4m ago)
  40. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.7 (3h 4m ago)
  41. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.8 (3h 4m ago)
  42. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.9 (3h 4m ago)
  43. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.10 (3h 4m ago)
  44. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.11 (3h 4m ago)
  45. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.12 (3h 4m ago)
  46. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.13 (3h 4m ago)
  47. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.14 (3h 4m ago)
  48. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.15 (3h 4m ago)
  49. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.16 (3h 4m ago)
  50. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.17 (3h 4m ago)
  51. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.18 (3h 4m ago)
  52. Underground Bloodpack vol.x ch.19 (3h 4m ago)
  53. Shoukoku no Altair vol.11 ch.59 (3h 4m ago) hot!
  54. Gate - Teikoku no Bara Kishidan - Pinya Co Lada 14-sai vol.x ch.1 (3h 4m ago)
  55. Neko Musume Michikusa Nikki vol.6 ch.35 (3h 5m ago)
  56. Neko Musume Michikusa Nikki vol.7 ch.36 (3h 5m ago)
  57. Sangokushi vol.43 ch.293 (3h 5m ago)
  58. Chikyuu no Houkago vol.2 ch.8 (3h 6m ago)
  59. Kingdom vol.39 ch.425 (3h 6m ago) hot!
  60. Gate! Yonkoma vol.x ch.1 (3h 6m ago)
  61. Gate! Yonkoma vol.x ch.2 (3h 6m ago)
  62. Gate! Yonkoma vol.x ch.3 (3h 6m ago)
  63. Lookism vol.x ch.8 (3h 6m ago)
  64. Nanatsu no Taizai vol.TBD ch.119.5 (3h 6m ago) hot!
  65. Memai vol.1 ch.3 (3h 6m ago)
  66. Memai vol.1 ch.4 (3h 6m ago)
  67. Memai vol.1 ch.5 (3h 6m ago)
  68. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.235 (3h 23m ago) hot!
  69. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.236 (3h 23m ago) hot!
  70. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.242 (3h 23m ago) hot!
  71. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.243 (3h 23m ago) hot!
  72. Shi ga Futari o Wakatsu Made vol.22 ch.188 (3h 24m ago) hot!
  73. Rozen Maiden II vol.x ch.65 (3h 26m ago)
  74. Kyou no Yuiko-san vol.4 ch.33 (3h 36m ago) hot!
  75. Jitsu wa Watashi wa vol.9 ch.74 (3h 36m ago) hot!
  76. ReLIFE vol.x ch.12 (3h 36m ago)
  77. ReLIFE vol.x ch.13 (3h 36m ago)
  78. In Full Bloom (YON Jae-Won) vol.x ch.89 (3h 36m ago)
  79. Cavalier of the Abyss vol.18 ch.116 (4h 6m ago) hot!
  80. Cavalier of the Abyss vol.18 ch.117 (4h 6m ago) hot!
  81. Akumu Koushounin vol.1 ch.7 (4h 6m ago)
  82. Kanamemo vol.2 ch.36 (6h 29m ago)
  83. Green Worldz vol.x ch.67 (7h 16m ago)
  84. Cavalier of the Abyss vol.18 ch.106 (7h 20m ago) hot!
  85. Cavalier of the Abyss vol.18 ch.107 (7h 20m ago) hot!
  86. Cavalier of the Abyss vol.18 ch.108 (7h 20m ago) hot!
  87. Cavalier of the Abyss vol.18 ch.109 (7h 20m ago) hot!
  88. Cavalier of the Abyss vol.18 ch.110 (7h 20m ago) hot!
  89. Cavalier of the Abyss vol.18 ch.111 (7h 20m ago) hot!
  90. Cavalier of the Abyss vol.18 ch.112 (7h 20m ago) hot!
  91. Kimi ga Koi ni Midareru vol.x ch.10 (7h 21m ago) hot!
  92. Boku-tachi no Ikita Riyuu vol.x ch.17 (7h 28m ago)
  93. Cavalier of the Abyss vol.18 ch.113 (7h 36m ago) hot!
  94. Koi to Uso vol.x ch.34 (7h 42m ago) hot!
  95. Hinomaru-Zumou vol.x ch.23 (8h 0m ago)
  96. 81 Diver vol.3 ch.27.5 (8h 6m ago)
  97. Lan Chi vol.x ch.13 (8h 6m ago)
  98. Hayate no Gotoku! vol.TBD ch.486 (8h 20m ago) hot!
  99. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? vol.4 ch.11 (9h 6m ago)
  100. Stay Gold (Hideyoshico) vol.2 ch.6.5 (9h 6m ago)

Manga Shoutbox

(28/03/15 09:38:03PM)
Very nice site!
(28/03/15 12:17:24AM)
Has anyone heard anything from the scanalation company that does "Luck Stealer"? I hope they're working hard on the last two chapters.
(27/03/15 03:37:27PM)
Very nice site!
(27/03/15 01:40:36AM)
Tian Jiao Lianmeng manga Jempsey you should try reading that XD should have an E for Ecchi tag though o3o
(26/03/15 09:29:40AM)
Very nice site!
(25/03/15 10:44:39AM)
animetake probably won't come back but if you want an alternative try http://www.incredibleanime.com
(25/03/15 03:24:37AM)
Very nice site!
(24/03/15 01:06:05AM)
omg the sites are back ..the only site that hasnt come back yet is animetake.com
(23/03/15 10:13:25PM)
thank god there are still some left
(23/03/15 09:25:32PM)
Very nice site!
(23/03/15 05:29:03PM)
http://www.animefreak.tv/ try this, it's still up and running.
(23/03/15 03:33:11AM)
Excellently written writeup, doubts all bloggers offered the same content material because you, the internet is actually a greater location. Please maintain it up! fgedaadbbcdadked
(23/03/15 01:04:39AM)
sad story =_=
(22/03/15 04:14:00PM)
Haven't companies been cracking down on anime sites for a while now? Since you can watch licensed animes without paying on them that makes companies wanna shut them down so you'd have to pay to watch the shows.
(22/03/15 03:01:51PM)
the same for http://www.gogoanime.com/ and http://animetake.com/ Whats happening?????
(22/03/15 03:01:03PM)
GUYS I CANT OPEN http://www.animenova.tv/ when u try to open it theres a note saying 'Due to unforeseen circumstances we are shutting and closing down the site. We do not plan to bring it back.'
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