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  1. Shamo vol.31 ch.106 (44 minutes ago) hot!
  2. Shamo vol.31 ch.107 (44 minutes ago) hot!
  3. D-Frag! vol.8 ch.59 (57 minutes ago) hot!
  4. The Breaker: New Waves vol.x ch.166 (1h 14m ago) hot!
  5. Enban Oujo Valkyrie vol.1 ch.3 (1h 14m ago)
  6. Blade Play vol.x ch.50 (1h 28m ago) hot!
  7. IS - Sugar & Honey vol.x ch.12 (1h 37m ago)
  8. Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo vol.TBD ch.41 (3h 29m ago) hot!
  9. Kore wa Koi no Hanashi vol.3 ch.37 (3h 44m ago) hot!
  10. Honto ni Honto ni Honto ni Honto ni Lion Ta! vol.x ch.20 (3h 49m ago)
  11. Vivid Cherry vol.x ch.3 (3h 50m ago)
  12. Vivid Cherry vol.x ch.4 (3h 50m ago)
  13. Toukyou Kushu vol.x ch.76 (3h 51m ago) hot!
  14. The Children's Teacher, Mr. Kwon vol.x ch.49 (3h 51m ago)
  15. Phantom Brave Ivoire Monogatari vol.x ch.6 (3h 57m ago)
  16. Baki-Dou vol.x ch.4 (3h 57m ago)
  17. Ana Satsujin vol.x ch.31 (3h 58m ago) hot!
  18. Akuno Himitsu Kessha vol.x ch.3 (59 minutes ago)
  19. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - Kazuya Hen vol.6 ch.59 (2h 14m ago)
  20. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - Kazuya Hen vol.6 ch.60 (2h 14m ago)
  21. Arslan Senki vol.x ch.13 (2h 43m ago)
  22. Black Joke vol.5 ch.31 (3h 44m ago) hot!
  23. Übel Blatt vol.14 ch.124 (3h 44m ago) hot!
  24. Like Doodling vol.x ch.17 (3h 44m ago)
  25. Kataribe no List vol.x ch.21 (3h 46m ago) hot!
  26. Kami-sama no Iutoori Ni vol.x ch.68 (3h 47m ago) hot!
  27. Tenkuu Shinpan vol.x ch.31 (3h 52m ago)
  28. Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken vol.x ch.16 (3h 57m ago) hot!
  29. Akagami no Shirayukihime vol.11 ch.56 (3h 59m ago) hot!
  30. Pygmalio vol.7 ch.91 (3h 59m ago)
  31. Akuma no Riddle vol.3 ch.16 (4h 14m ago)
  32. Akuma no Riddle vol.3 ch.17 (4h 14m ago)
  33. Akuma no Riddle vol.3 ch.18 (4h 14m ago)
  34. Akuma no Riddle vol.3 ch.19 (4h 14m ago)
  35. Akuma no Riddle vol.3 ch.20 (4h 14m ago)
  36. Akuma no Riddle vol.3 ch.21 (4h 14m ago)
  37. Akuma no Riddle vol.3 ch.22 (4h 14m ago)
  38. P.A.: Tokubetsuhen vol.x ch.1 (4h 28m ago)
  39. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou vol.2 ch.14 (5h 29m ago) hot!
  40. The Pale Horse vol.x ch.37 (6h 29m ago)
  41. Run!! vol.1 ch.7 (6h 29m ago)
  42. Hallelujah Overdrive! vol.4 ch.18 (6h 29m ago)
  43. The Gamer vol.x ch.45 (6h 41m ago) hot!
  44. Daichouhen Doraemon vol.20 ch.4 (6h 41m ago)
  45. Daichouhen Doraemon vol.20 ch.5 (6h 42m ago)
  46. Reiya x Reiya vol.1 ch.1 (6h 44m ago)
  47. Reiya x Reiya vol.1 ch.2 (6h 44m ago)
  48. Aizawa-san Zoushoku vol.x ch.7 (7h 59m ago) hot!
  49. Kinkyori Renai vol.5 ch.17 (7h 59m ago) hot!
  50. I Am a Hero vol.14 ch.157 (7h 59m ago) hot!
  51. I Am a Hero vol.14 ch.158 (7h 59m ago) hot!
  52. I Am a Hero vol.14 ch.159 (7h 59m ago) hot!
  53. I Am a Hero vol.14 ch.160 (7h 59m ago) hot!
  54. Little Jumper vol.5 ch.29 (10h 29m ago) hot!
  55. Chrono Monochrome vol.x ch.4 (12h 12m ago)
  56. Katsute Kami Datta Kemonotachi e vol.x ch.2 (12h 27m ago)
  57. Karneval vol.14 ch.81 (12h 44m ago) hot!
  58. Shounen Note vol.4 ch.17 (14h 44m ago)
  59. γ - Ganma vol.x ch.1 (1 days ago)
  60. Chocolat vol.7 ch.72 (1 days ago)
  61. Ten Prism vol.x ch.8 (1 days ago)
  62. Seifuku de Vanilla Kiss vol.x ch.1 (1 days ago)
  63. Seifuku de Vanilla Kiss vol.x ch.2 (1 days ago)
  64. Bleach vol.TBD ch.588 (13 minutes ago) hot!
  65. Naruto vol.TBD ch.684 (14 minutes ago) hot!
  66. Aizawa-san Zoushoku vol.x ch.8 (14 minutes ago) hot!
  67. A Channel vol.3 ch.73 (29 minutes ago)
  68. Kyoufu Kansen vol.x ch.1 (1h 14m ago)
  69. 87 Clockers vol.x ch.14 (1h 30m ago)
  70. Arslan Senki (ARAKAWA Hiromu) vol.x ch.13 (1h 44m ago) hot!
  71. Isuca vol.4 ch.29 (2h 14m ago) hot!
  72. Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui! vol.5 ch.62 (2h 29m ago) hot!
  73. Karei naru Shokutaku vol.11 ch.109 (2h 44m ago) hot!
  74. Itsuwaribito Utsuho vol.13 ch.126 (3h 59m ago) hot!
  75. Kuang Shen vol.x ch.0 (4h 13m ago)
  76. Kuang Shen vol.x ch.1 (4h 13m ago)
  77. Revenge Doll vol.x ch.0 (4h 29m ago)
  78. Hunter x Hunter vol.32 ch.346 (4h 44m ago) hot!
  79. Battle Field vol.x ch.1 (4h 44m ago)
  80. Americano-Exodus vol.x ch.5 (4h 58m ago)
  81. Maga Tsuki vol.8 ch.37 (5h 12m ago) hot!
  82. Nichijou vol.8 ch.125 (5h 28m ago) hot!
  83. Nichijou vol.8 ch.126 (5h 28m ago) hot!
  84. Soul Cartel vol.x ch.131 (5h 28m ago) hot!
  85. Nichijou vol.8 ch.127 (5h 43m ago) hot!
  86. Nichijou vol.8 ch.128 (5h 43m ago) hot!
  87. Nichijou vol.8 ch.129 (5h 44m ago) hot!
  88. Arslan Senki (ARAKAWA Hiromu) vol.x ch.12 (6h 29m ago) hot!
  89. Black Haze vol.x ch.60 (6h 41m ago) hot!
  90. Ibitsu (OKADA Kazuto) vol.3 ch.22 (6h 41m ago) hot!
  91. Koe no Katachi vol.6 ch.44 (6h 41m ago) hot!
  92. Itsuwaribito Utsuho vol.13 ch.125 (6h 59m ago) hot!
  93. Wagatsuma-san wa Ore no Yome vol.TBD ch.88 (7h 56m ago) hot!
  94. Kangoku Gakuen vol.10 ch.116 (7h 56m ago) hot!
  95. Unbalance x 2 vol.8 ch.66 (7h 56m ago) hot!
  96. S. I. D. vol.6 ch.73 (7h 56m ago) hot!
  97. Katsute Mahou Shoujo to Aku wa Tekitai Shite Ita. vol.1 ch.1 (7h 56m ago)
  98. Toriko vol.TBD ch.284 (7h 56m ago) hot!
  99. Azumi vol.7 ch.54 (7h 56m ago)
  100. Aa! Seishun no Koushien vol.4 ch.31 (7h 56m ago)

Manga Shoutbox

(11/07/14 04:09:00AM)
There there all done
(11/07/14 04:07:13AM)
Just choosing my colors ^.~
(11/07/14 12:45:47AM)
But according to some I look like a Mexican, but according to others I like like a UEB O.O
(11/07/14 12:44:15AM)
Weeell I was born in UAE (Abu Dhabi to be exact) where my parents worked, my mum is Filipino, my dad is Pakistani (the mountain kind that are blonde and blue-green eyed) and I was raised and am living in Canada XD
(10/07/14 11:32:43PM)
Where are you from aria belle? You are quite an interesting girl lol. That's a compliment BTW.
(10/07/14 02:10:53PM)
Hehe, and a frown on my fathers face XD Allooo Gaoo ^o^)/))
(10/07/14 12:07:22PM)
Hey aria_belle! You always put a smile on my face
(10/07/14 03:59:22AM)
Well it's good that you're back anyway
(10/07/14 12:37:24AM)
(10/07/14 12:25:50AM)
Allo Addi chan. I actually touched down last night but I had reverted to my old habit of reading manga on my Nintendo DS so I couldn't leave a comment :p
(10/07/14 12:06:37AM)
Hi Aria!
(09/07/14 10:52:19PM)
I feel like that movie scene where you throw yourself at a door but it's already open and I fall in too fast and get stunned from impact. *Stares at the ceiling vacantly*
(07/07/14 06:56:33PM)
you guys must talk that out :/ better know then not knowing at all
(07/07/14 12:19:20PM)
we like each other, but by some reasons we cant be together right now, but out of the blue she doesnt speak to me...
(06/07/14 08:49:14PM)
maybe she likes you but she is just as shy as you
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