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  1. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.146.5 (0 minutes ago) hot!
  2. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.154.1 (0 minutes ago) hot!
  3. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.154.2 (0 minutes ago) hot!
  4. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.154.3 (1 minutes ago) hot!
  5. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.172.5 (2 minutes ago) hot!
  6. MED vol.1 ch.0 (4 minutes ago)
  7. MED vol.1 ch.1 (4 minutes ago)
  8. MED vol.1 ch.2 (4 minutes ago)
  9. MED vol.1 ch.3 (4 minutes ago)
  10. MED vol.1 ch.4 (4 minutes ago)
  11. MED vol.1 ch.5 (4 minutes ago)
  12. MED vol.1 ch.6 (4 minutes ago)
  13. MED vol.1 ch.7 (4 minutes ago)
  14. MED vol.1 ch.8 (4 minutes ago)
  15. MED vol.1 ch.9 (5 minutes ago)
  16. MED vol.1 ch.10 (5 minutes ago)
  17. MED vol.1 ch.12 (5 minutes ago)
  18. MED vol.1 ch.11 (5 minutes ago)
  19. MED vol.1 ch.13 (5 minutes ago)
  20. MED vol.1 ch.14 (5 minutes ago)
  21. MED vol.1 ch.15 (5 minutes ago)
  22. MED vol.1 ch.16 (5 minutes ago)
  23. MED vol.1 ch.17 (5 minutes ago)
  24. MED vol.1 ch.18 (5 minutes ago)
  25. MED vol.1 ch.19 (5 minutes ago)
  26. MED vol.1 ch.20 (5 minutes ago)
  27. MED vol.1 ch.21 (5 minutes ago)
  28. MED vol.1 ch.22 (5 minutes ago)
  29. MED vol.1 ch.24 (5 minutes ago)
  30. MED vol.1 ch.25 (5 minutes ago)
  31. MED vol.1 ch.26 (5 minutes ago)
  32. MED vol.1 ch.27 (5 minutes ago)
  33. MED vol.1 ch.28 (5 minutes ago)
  34. MED vol.1 ch.29 (5 minutes ago)
  35. MED vol.1 ch.30 (5 minutes ago)
  36. MED vol.1 ch.31 (5 minutes ago)
  37. MED vol.1 ch.32 (5 minutes ago)
  38. MED vol.1 ch.33 (5 minutes ago)
  39. MED vol.1 ch.34 (5 minutes ago)
  40. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.234.5 (6 minutes ago) hot!
  41. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.235 (6 minutes ago) hot!
  42. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.236 (6 minutes ago) hot!
  43. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.237 (6 minutes ago) hot!
  44. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.238 (6 minutes ago) hot!
  45. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.239 (6 minutes ago) hot!
  46. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.240 (6 minutes ago) hot!
  47. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.241 (6 minutes ago) hot!
  48. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.242 (6 minutes ago) hot!
  49. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.243 (6 minutes ago) hot!
  50. Yowamushi Pedal vol.x ch.243.5 (6 minutes ago) hot!
  51. Iwangimyeon Dahong vol.x ch.3 (14 minutes ago)
  52. In Full Bloom (YON Jae-Won) vol.x ch.89 (1h 6m ago)
  53. Waratte! Sotomura-san vol.5 ch.78 (2h 4m ago) hot!
  54. Sidonia no Kishi vol.15 ch.72 (2h 5m ago) hot!
  55. Kumo no Graduale vol.4 ch.17 (2h 6m ago)
  56. Akumu Koushounin vol.1 ch.7 (2h 35m ago)
  57. ReLIFE vol.x ch.12 (2h 36m ago)
  58. ReLIFE vol.x ch.13 (2h 36m ago)
  59. Saenai Kanojo no Sodatekata - Koisuru Metronome vol.x ch.8 (3h 2m ago)
  60. Tamen De Gushi vol.x ch.51 (3h 8m ago)
  61. Domestic na Kanojo vol.4 ch.34 (3h 20m ago) hot!
  62. Kanojo to Kamera to Kanojo no Kisetsu vol.1 ch.1 (3h 35m ago)
  63. Teizokurei Monophobia vol.4 ch.3 (4h 5m ago)
  64. Evergreen Tea Shop vol.x ch.10 (4h 19m ago)
  65. Wake Up Deadman vol.x ch.70 (4h 21m ago) hot!
  66. Haikyu!! dj - Cat Out of the Bag vol.x ch.5 (4h 35m ago)
  67. Shi ga Futari o Wakatsu Made vol.22 ch.188 (4h 38m ago) hot!
  68. Tough vol.33 ch.332 (4h 38m ago) hot!
  69. Dasi, Bom vol.x ch.28 (4h 42m ago)
  70. Smile Brush: Faded Pictures vol.x ch.44 (4h 42m ago)
  71. Sekai Oni vol.x ch.53.5 (4h 43m ago)
  72. Rozen Maiden II vol.x ch.65 (4h 44m ago)
  73. Midnight Rhapsody vol.x ch.68 (4h 45m ago)
  74. Lucid Dream vol.x ch.7 (4h 46m ago)
  75. Million Doll vol.x ch.4 (4h 51m ago)
  76. Kyou no Yuiko-san vol.4 ch.33 (4h 51m ago) hot!
  77. Otonari-san Game vol.1 ch.11 (4h 51m ago)
  78. Kanamemo vol.2 ch.36 (4h 51m ago)
  79. Hinomaru-Zumou vol.x ch.23 (4h 52m ago)
  80. Hero (YOU Ling) vol.x ch.29 (4h 52m ago)
  81. Green Worldz vol.x ch.67 (4h 55m ago)
  82. Grape Pine vol.1 ch.5.6 (4h 55m ago)
  83. Freezing - Zero vol.6 ch.23 (6h 20m ago) hot!
  84. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.26 (33 minutes ago)
  85. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.27 (33 minutes ago)
  86. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.28 (33 minutes ago)
  87. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.29 (33 minutes ago)
  88. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.30 (33 minutes ago)
  89. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.31 (33 minutes ago)
  90. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.32 (33 minutes ago)
  91. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.33 (33 minutes ago)
  92. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.34 (33 minutes ago)
  93. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.35 (33 minutes ago)
  94. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.36 (33 minutes ago)
  95. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.37 (33 minutes ago)
  96. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.38 (33 minutes ago)
  97. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.39 (33 minutes ago)
  98. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.40 (33 minutes ago)
  99. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.41 (33 minutes ago)
  100. Earth, Human, and Animal vol.x ch.42 (34 minutes ago)

Manga Shoutbox

(28/03/15 09:38:03PM)
Very nice site!
(28/03/15 12:17:24AM)
Has anyone heard anything from the scanalation company that does "Luck Stealer"? I hope they're working hard on the last two chapters.
(27/03/15 03:37:27PM)
Very nice site!
(27/03/15 01:40:36AM)
Tian Jiao Lianmeng manga Jempsey you should try reading that XD should have an E for Ecchi tag though o3o
(26/03/15 09:29:40AM)
Very nice site!
(25/03/15 10:44:39AM)
animetake probably won't come back but if you want an alternative try http://www.incredibleanime.com
(25/03/15 03:24:37AM)
Very nice site!
(24/03/15 01:06:05AM)
omg the sites are back ..the only site that hasnt come back yet is animetake.com
(23/03/15 10:13:25PM)
thank god there are still some left
(23/03/15 09:25:32PM)
Very nice site!
(23/03/15 05:29:03PM)
http://www.animefreak.tv/ try this, it's still up and running.
(23/03/15 03:33:11AM)
Excellently written writeup, doubts all bloggers offered the same content material because you, the internet is actually a greater location. Please maintain it up! fgedaadbbcdadked
(23/03/15 01:04:39AM)
sad story =_=
(22/03/15 04:14:00PM)
Haven't companies been cracking down on anime sites for a while now? Since you can watch licensed animes without paying on them that makes companies wanna shut them down so you'd have to pay to watch the shows.
(22/03/15 03:01:51PM)
the same for http://www.gogoanime.com/ and http://animetake.com/ Whats happening?????
(22/03/15 03:01:03PM)
GUYS I CANT OPEN http://www.animenova.tv/ when u try to open it theres a note saying 'Due to unforeseen circumstances we are shutting and closing down the site. We do not plan to bring it back.'
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