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  1. Café Café vol.x ch.3 (29 minutes ago)
  2. Noblesse vol.7 ch.347 (0 minutes ago) hot!
  3. Dangsinman Molla! vol.x ch.53 (9 minutes ago) hot!
  4. Brave Frontier - Haruto no Shoukan Nikki vol.1 ch.3 (9 minutes ago)
  5. P.B.B. vol.5 ch.14 (9 minutes ago) hot!
  6. Mayou Otoko vol.1 ch.4 (10 minutes ago)
  7. Touhou Project dj - How to Fly with Love vol.x ch.1 (10 minutes ago)
  8. Touhou Project dj - ReiMari Conceal vol.x ch.1 (10 minutes ago)
  9. Touhou Project dj - Tokaiha Neko to Noraneko no Hanashi. vol.x ch.1 (10 minutes ago)
  10. Blood Lad vol.10 ch.47 (10 minutes ago) hot!
  11. Blood Lad vol.10 ch.48 (10 minutes ago) hot!
  12. Blood Lad vol.10 ch.49 (10 minutes ago) hot!
  13. World Trigger vol.9 ch.79 (10 minutes ago) hot!
  14. World Trigger vol.10 ch.80 (10 minutes ago) hot!
  15. Majo no Biyaku vol.2 ch.9 (11 minutes ago) hot!
  16. Kangoku Gakuen vol.14 ch.144 (11 minutes ago) hot!
  17. 19 Tian vol.x ch.1 (11 minutes ago)
  18. Ookiku Furikabutte vol.22 ch.113 (11 minutes ago) hot!
  19. Sugarless (HOSOKAWA Masami) vol.3 ch.24 (11 minutes ago)
  20. Fairy Tail vol.TBD ch.410 (11 minutes ago) hot!
  21. B♭ no Sonata vol.1 ch.6 (12 minutes ago)
  22. Akatsuki no Yona vol.9 ch.52 (12 minutes ago) hot!
  23. Akatsuki no Yona vol.9 ch.53 (12 minutes ago) hot!
  24. Cherry Boy, That Girl vol.x ch.27.5 (12 minutes ago)
  25. School Rumble vol.BB ch.2 (13 minutes ago) hot!
  26. Torikissa! vol.x ch.1 (13 minutes ago)
  27. Boku Girl vol.1 ch.31 (13 minutes ago) hot!
  28. Choujigen Game Neptune - Megami Tsuushin vol.1 ch.9.5 (13 minutes ago)
  29. Investor Z vol.x ch.69 (13 minutes ago)
  30. GTO - Paradise Lost vol.x ch.16 (13 minutes ago) hot!
  31. Sun-ken Rock vol.21 ch.150 (13 minutes ago) hot!
  32. Chikai no Kiss wa, 16-sai vol.1 ch.1 (13 minutes ago)
  33. Aho Girl vol.x ch.27 (14 minutes ago) hot!
  34. Strawberry Combat vol.x ch.1 (14 minutes ago)
  35. Daguanjia vol.1 ch.1 (14 minutes ago)
  36. Zekkyou Gakkyuu vol.10 ch.42 (14 minutes ago)
  37. Zekkyou Gakkyuu vol.10 ch.43 (14 minutes ago)
  38. Saiyuki Gaiden vol.4 ch.34.5 (14 minutes ago)
  39. Jiang Ye vol.x ch.1 (14 minutes ago)
  40. Naruto vol.TBD ch.699.1 (14 minutes ago) hot!
  41. Harukaze no Snegurochka vol.1 ch.1 (15 minutes ago)
  42. Mieru Hito vol.4 ch.28 (45 minutes ago)
  43. Yuru Yuru vol.2 ch.32 (1h 0m ago)
  44. Hakuyou Ayakashigatari vol.x ch.3 (5h 43m ago)
  45. Cosplay Deka vol.1 ch.9 (6h 13m ago) hot!
  46. Dead Tube vol.x ch.4 (6h 45m ago)
  47. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso vol.x ch.26 (7h 39m ago) hot!
  48. Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu. vol.4 ch.31 (8h 15m ago) hot!
  49. Ilegenes - Giyoku no Koukyoukyoku vol.2 ch.16 (8h 27m ago)
  50. Harukaze no Snegurochka vol.1 ch.2 (8h 30m ago)
  51. Osu!! Karatebu vol.11 ch.107 (8h 45m ago)
  52. Takahashi-san ga Kiite Iru. vol.x ch.2 (8h 54m ago)
  53. Sentou Jousai Masurawo vol.x ch.16 (9h 18m ago) hot!
  54. Battle Tendency vol.x ch.45 (9h 26m ago)
  55. Battle Tendency vol.x ch.46 (9h 26m ago)
  56. Battle Tendency vol.x ch.47 (9h 26m ago)
  57. Battle Tendency vol.x ch.48 (9h 26m ago)
  58. Battle Tendency vol.x ch.49 (9h 27m ago)
  59. Battle Tendency vol.x ch.50 (9h 27m ago)
  60. Battle Tendency vol.x ch.51 (9h 27m ago)
  61. Battle Tendency vol.x ch.52 (9h 27m ago)
  62. Battle Tendency vol.x ch.53 (9h 27m ago)
  63. Yongbyeong Maluhan vol.2 ch.62 (9h 27m ago) hot!
  64. Battle Tendency vol.x ch.54 (9h 27m ago)
  65. Battle Tendency vol.x ch.55 (9h 27m ago)
  66. Battle Tendency vol.x ch.56 (9h 27m ago)
  67. Blind Faith Descent vol.x ch.25 (9h 27m ago) hot!
  68. Aisopos vol.x ch.25 (9h 44m ago)
  69. Hive vol.x ch.41 (9h 44m ago)
  70. Koisuru Herb Shohousen vol.x ch.5 (9h 57m ago)
  71. New Life Project vol.x ch.28 (9h 57m ago)
  72. Library Ghost vol.x ch.38 (9h 57m ago)
  73. Susume!! Seigaku Dennou Kenkyuubu vol.1 ch.10 (10h 57m ago)
  74. Usotsuki Ouji to Nisemono Kanojo vol.x ch.8 (15h 16m ago)
  75. Mutant Sabu vol.x ch.13 (15h 20m ago)
  76. Mutant Sabu vol.x ch.14 (15h 20m ago)
  77. Mutant Sabu vol.x ch.15 (15h 20m ago)
  78. Mutant Sabu vol.x ch.16 (15h 20m ago)
  79. Mutant Sabu vol.x ch.17 (15h 20m ago)
  80. Trace 2.0 vol.x ch.20 (15h 47m ago)
  81. Trace 2.0 vol.x ch.21 (15h 47m ago)
  82. Trace 2.0 vol.x ch.22 (15h 47m ago)
  83. American Ghost Jack vol.x ch.20 (15h 59m ago)
  84. American Ghost Jack vol.x ch.21 (15h 59m ago)
  85. American Ghost Jack vol.x ch.22 (15h 59m ago)
  86. Persona 4 vol.1 ch.17 (16h 19m ago)
  87. Hanappe Bazooka vol.x ch.1 (16h 23m ago)
  88. Hanappe Bazooka vol.x ch.2 (16h 24m ago)
  89. Hanappe Bazooka vol.x ch.3 (16h 24m ago)
  90. Hanappe Bazooka vol.x ch.4 (16h 24m ago)
  91. Kyouju to Shitsuji no Shizuka na Seikatsu vol.x ch.3.6 (17h 51m ago)
  92. Amon Saga - Tsuki no Miko vol.x ch.2 (18h 14m ago)
  93. Boku no Ano Ko vol.4 ch.31 (18h 30m ago) hot!
  94. Onepunch-Man vol.x ch.40 (18h 51m ago) hot!
  95. Josou Shounen Anthology Comic vol.17 ch.1 (18h 58m ago)
  96. Josou Shounen Anthology Comic vol.17 ch.2 (18h 58m ago)
  97. Tough vol.33 ch.309 (19h 4m ago) hot!
  98. Girls & Panzer vol.x ch.18 (19h 6m ago)
  99. Kyoudai hodo Chikaku Tooimono wa Nai vol.x ch.13 (19h 6m ago)
  100. Susanoou vol.x ch.31 (19h 6m ago)

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LOL,i am a Zombie, we all are HAHA
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Buahaha XD *spin kicks your knees out and stomps on your back* pfft you'll live. Join the fellow Mr. Loneliest around the world XD Ms. Awesome has no time for you 0v0
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3 more days until Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!
(19/11/14 03:22:27AM)
I just learned that the Parasyte: the maxim anime is based from the manga Kiseijuu. This was an old manga way back 2007 according to google. Thanks to the anime for bringing this into my attention.
(19/11/14 03:07:23AM)
Good U?
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Hows the life ppl?
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