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  1. Montage vol.x ch.33 (1h 44m ago)
  2. Sword Art Online - Progressive vol.x ch.10.5 (2 minutes ago)
  3. Hayate x Blade vol.13 ch.72 (2 minutes ago) hot!
  4. One Piece vol.TBD ch.761 (2 minutes ago) hot!
  5. Noblesse vol.6 ch.338 (2 minutes ago) hot!
  6. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu vol.TBD ch.102 (14 minutes ago) hot!
  7. Kyou no Asuka Show vol.4 ch.42 (14 minutes ago) hot!
  8. Blind Faith Descent vol.x ch.20 (14 minutes ago) hot!
  9. Joshi Kausei vol.x ch.20 (14 minutes ago)
  10. Onepunch-Man vol.x ch.38 (14 minutes ago) hot!
  11. Akame ga Kiru! vol.11 ch.52.5 (14 minutes ago) hot!
  12. Akame ga Kiru! vol.11 ch.53 (14 minutes ago) hot!
  13. The Breaker - New Waves vol.x ch.172 (14 minutes ago) hot!
  14. Toaru Nichijou no Index-san vol.x ch.8 (14 minutes ago)
  15. Kurai Rouka to Ushiro no Genkan vol.1 ch.5 (14 minutes ago)
  16. Gakuen Nightmare vol.1 ch.1 (14 minutes ago)
  17. Delusional Boy vol.x ch.4 (15 minutes ago)
  18. Delusional Boy vol.x ch.5 (15 minutes ago)
  19. Ookami to Koushinryou vol.5 ch.29 (15 minutes ago) hot!
  20. Soul Cartel vol.1 ch.141 (15 minutes ago) hot!
  21. Nozo x Kimi - 2-nensei Hen vol.x ch.1 (15 minutes ago)
  22. Saenai Kanojo no Sodatekata vol.1 ch.4 (15 minutes ago)
  23. Zeroin vol.12 ch.74 (15 minutes ago) hot!
  24. Rock Me Amadeus vol.x ch.1 (15 minutes ago)
  25. Watashi no Ouchi wa Honya-san vol.2 ch.9 (15 minutes ago)
  26. Watashi no Ouchi wa Honya-san vol.2 ch.10 (15 minutes ago)
  27. Watashi no Ouchi wa Honya-san vol.2 ch.11 (16 minutes ago)
  28. Watashi no Ouchi wa Honya-san vol.3 ch.12 (16 minutes ago)
  29. Watashi no Ouchi wa Honya-san vol.3 ch.13 (16 minutes ago)
  30. Imawa no Kuni no Alice vol.3 ch.12 (16 minutes ago)
  31. Mill vol.1 ch.5 (16 minutes ago)
  32. Nukoduke! vol.x ch.42 (16 minutes ago) hot!
  33. Danzai no Judith vol.1 ch.1 (16 minutes ago)
  34. Girls of the Wild's vol.x ch.155 (16 minutes ago) hot!
  35. Kono Onee-san wa Fiction Desu!? vol.8 ch.43 (16 minutes ago) hot!
  36. Tiger Mask vol.1 ch.9 (16 minutes ago)
  37. Out of the Blue! vol.x ch.0 (16 minutes ago)
  38. Mushoku Tensei - Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu vol.x ch.5 (16 minutes ago) hot!
  39. Tomodachi Game vol.x ch.1 (16 minutes ago)
  40. Five vol.12 ch.62 (17 minutes ago) hot!
  41. Shades Captor vol.x ch.6 (17 minutes ago)
  42. Nijiiro Days (MIZUNO Minami) vol.2 ch.6 (17 minutes ago) hot!
  43. Kangoku Gakuen vol.14 ch.135 (17 minutes ago) hot!
  44. Rainbow Rose vol.x ch.25 (17 minutes ago)
  45. Tower of God vol.2 ch.118 (17 minutes ago) hot!
  46. Christmas Shimasho vol.x ch.0 (17 minutes ago)
  47. Kingdom vol.37 ch.403 (17 minutes ago) hot!
  48. Genwaku no Kodou vol.9 ch.32 (17 minutes ago)
  49. Andromalius vol.1 ch.1 (17 minutes ago)
  50. Boku no Marie vol.4 ch.40 (17 minutes ago)
  51. Ardour vol.x ch.23 (4h 2m ago) hot!
  52. Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru vol.26 ch.276 (5h 2m ago) hot!
  53. Montage (WATANABE Jun) vol.4 ch.33 (5h 2m ago)
  54. Family Man vol.x ch.26 (7h 17m ago)
  55. Dark Air vol.6 ch.56 (8h 2m ago) hot!
  56. Yongbyeong Maluhan vol.x ch.35 (8h 34m ago) hot!
  57. Fairy Tail vol.TBD ch.401 (9h 2m ago) hot!
  58. Cherry Boy, That Girl vol.x ch.23 (9h 17m ago)
  59. Sporting Salt vol.x ch.1 (9h 32m ago)
  60. Magi - Sinbad no Bouken vol.x ch.33 (10h 43m ago) hot!
  61. Mrs. Seonnyeo vol.x ch.32 (11h 2m ago) hot!
  62. Son Yeon Jeon [Limit] vol.x ch.53 (13h 37m ago)
  63. Son Yeon Jeon [Limit] vol.x ch.54 (13h 37m ago)
  64. Son Yeon Jeon [Limit] vol.x ch.55 (13h 37m ago)
  65. Son Yeon Jeon [Limit] vol.x ch.56 (13h 37m ago)
  66. Son Yeon Jeon [Limit] vol.x ch.57 (13h 37m ago)
  67. Son Yeon Jeon [Limit] vol.x ch.58 (13h 37m ago)
  68. Son Yeon Jeon [Limit] vol.x ch.59 (13h 37m ago)
  69. Son Yeon Jeon [Limit] vol.x ch.60 (13h 37m ago)
  70. Son Yeon Jeon [Limit] vol.x ch.61 (13h 37m ago)
  71. Son Yeon Jeon [Limit] vol.x ch.62 (13h 37m ago)
  72. Son Yeon Jeon [Limit] vol.x ch.63 (13h 37m ago)
  73. Ten Prism vol.x ch.18 (14h 6m ago)
  74. Saenai Kanojo no Sodatekata - Koisuru Metronome vol.x ch.2 (14h 7m ago)
  75. Rose x Marie vol.x ch.8 (14h 8m ago)
  76. Tough vol.32 ch.299 (14h 35m ago) hot!
  77. Tough vol.32 ch.300 (14h 35m ago) hot!
  78. Kyoudai-Biyori vol.x ch.4 (14h 40m ago)
  79. Koukaku no Regios vol.2 ch.16.1 (15h 16m ago) hot!
  80. Crayon Days - Daikirai na Aitsu vol.x ch.11 (16h 1m ago) hot!
  81. Crayon Days - Daikirai na Aitsu vol.x ch.12 (16h 1m ago) hot!
  82. Saihate no Ao vol.x ch.3 (16h 22m ago)
  83. Haru x Kiyo vol.x ch.4 (16h 42m ago)
  84. Taiyou ga Ippai (AOKI Kotomi) vol.x ch.6 (16h 51m ago)
  85. Ou-sama to Fushigi no Shiro vol.x ch.3 (16h 53m ago)
  86. GTO - Paradise Lost vol.x ch.11 (17h 0m ago) hot!
  87. Amai Seikatsu vol.x ch.14 (17h 17m ago)
  88. Days vol.x ch.5 (17h 31m ago)
  89. Yongbyeong Maluhan vol.x ch.34 (17h 35m ago) hot!
  90. Namaikizakari. vol.x ch.7 (17h 53m ago) hot!
  91. P to JK vol.x ch.14 (19h 32m ago)
  92. P to JK vol.x ch.14.5 (19h 32m ago)
  93. Hanma Baki vol.x ch.240 (19h 37m ago)
  94. Silver vol.1 ch.4 (20h 3m ago)
  95. Koi to Uso vol.x ch.7 (20h 7m ago)
  96. Nekogurui Minako-san vol.x ch.43 (20h 11m ago)
  97. IS (YUUKI Homura) vol.x ch.10 (20h 11m ago)
  98. Bokura no Kiseki vol.9 ch.33.5 (20h 11m ago) hot!
  99. Bakudan (MIYASHITA Akira) vol.x ch.12 (20h 13m ago)
  100. Bakudan (MIYASHITA Akira) vol.x ch.17 (20h 13m ago)

Manga Shoutbox

(20/09/14 07:23:56PM)
darker that's terrible but the important thing is that you're all safe
(20/09/14 06:20:49PM)
Yeah you should. It's crazy good.
(20/09/14 05:49:05PM)
should I continue reading tokyo ghoul?
(20/09/14 12:48:55PM)
Hurricanes have becomeore frequent lately :/ it's a bit alarming
(20/09/14 12:47:44PM)
Thank goodness she's ok anyways O.o
(20/09/14 11:05:41AM)
we are okay, los cabos is (i dont know if i can say bad words) f***** up, almost everything there is destroyed, i was worried for my sister because she lives there so she came to la paz (the city i live) with her daughter and her husband, she went back 2 days and she tolde me her house is a total disaster and the place where she works the 2nd floor is gone
(20/09/14 09:48:43AM)
you know to be honest this was the first website that i felt i could use and I loved it! I love the fact that the user can talk to each other without having to log into our facebook or whatever.I even got my younger sister and 3 of my friends at school to make an account on this website, so i just hope that you don't close this site.
(20/09/14 09:36:45AM)
@aria : Wow, that is messed up (o_O). Only in manga ... @darker : You okay now?
(20/09/14 07:47:58AM)
wut, closing the site? gao please dont do it i love you there are a lot of readers here is just that they are shy
(20/09/14 07:46:05AM)
uff, crazy 4 days we had in my city, a hurricane came and destroyed some stuff, 4 days without light, water and internet
(20/09/14 05:22:03AM)
Lol, I guess it wouldn't make sense since it's the ending XD This dude who is psychologically damaged and thinks like a 6 year old is attached to a boy his age and is very possessive of him OvO their is a love triangle between Psycho, Shorty, and girl who likes Psycho which ends in the Girl and short adopting the psycho who is mentally a child although they are the same age (to fulfill his wish for a "family") yada yada XP
(20/09/14 03:55:55AM)
@aria : I read it, but without the context that page doesn't make much sense...
(20/09/14 12:46:23AM)
Clearly I missed something, but I agree, when this site went down, I actually stopped reading manga. No other site felt like this one. Please do not close the site.
(18/09/14 04:38:12PM)
Plz dont close it, you'll make me cry....alot
(18/09/14 12:44:33PM)
why will u close,im just w8ing for a topic to talk with u all
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